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Maren Panke



I understand my way to art as a process, the interaction with the wood as a dialogue. My forms are reduced and designed for effect in the whole.

My works, which are always very personal, make the viewer an intimate ally who can be touched, just as the wooden sculptures want to be touched.


Anker Skulpturen



The bronzes are a series of three works on the themes of dissolution, surrender, withdrawal, with which I explored the material. Unlike wood, it demands unambiguity and yet in the end does what it wants. The processing after the casting, the shaping of the finished surface, the patination are strongly in the foreground and occupy a large space in the creative process.


Die Körperlosen

A series of three works to date that defy complete contemplation. The body stands out in the clothing and yet there are no uncovered body parts - neither head/neck, nor hands/arms, nor feet/legs. "I am there, but not here"



A series of four works to date, featuring women in black, with different surfaces. This surface envelops and veils. It remains unclear what was, what is missing, what is suspected, what is yet to come. What should/would still be said, heard, seen? What means to give away? Gratitude, melancholy, joy, melancholy. The black, created with the flame, stands for leaving behind, passing away, but also for purification and transition to the next, to the new. It stands for the welcome next step and at the same time for the melancholy to leave something behind. "Transition to the new beginning"